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Yumi Choi

Life biz and mindfulness coach



I'm an artist, former coffee shop owner, entrepreneur, author and certified Life Coach and Self-Awareness and Mindfulness Coach. Through my migration background, my growing up in Berlin, my long-distance trips in the context of coffee and the countless conversations as a café owner and entrepreneur, I have gained a deep insight and understanding of everything human. In my work, it has become increasingly clear to me how closely my own personal development is linked to the development of the business and how work and life always go hand in hand. My mission is entrepreneurs; Supporting leaders and creatives to live their full potential. I want to help you be healthy, enthusiastic, confident and successful. I help bring clarity to your personal mission and vision. With the Vision-Into-Action Process®, my clients formulate the vision, mission and brand identity of their company together with me. Absolute clarity turns into focus, and focus into impact.​ I am resilient, compassionate and mindful and love to achieve strong results. ​As an artistic person who knows the special sensitivity of creative people, I have the empathy and understanding for the creative processes of my customers. It is often not easy to combine our multidimensional perception of the world with the very practical challenges of life. It is therefore important for artists and creative people in particular to achieve Emotional Self Mastery®.

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