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Stuck? Dissatisfied with the current situation?
Hunger for personal development? 

High Impact Life Coaching with Yumi Choi will help you to achieve your goals and desires in your professional and personal life in an effective and holistic way.

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Phil J Hunt 

Founder & CEO Hunt Coffee

Something great happened. There is interest in investing in our brand. We will have a meeting and guess what is important for it: The coffee shop manual we were working on! I am so glad I did the coaching!


Ana Quesada Mausa

Co.Owner milk hall

I have more self-confidence and that I am the boss has never been so clear. I have a clear vision for our company. Where do we want to go and how do we get there. I am no longer afraid to make decisions.


Felix Breun

Operational Designer & Conceptor for cafes

The coaching helped me a lot to develop my strengths and to position myself and my work clearly. I have developed professionally through the coaching, which also had a financial impact. Thanks!


Koulla Louca

Co-Founder St. Oberholz

My role in my company has become clearer to me. I am more focused and clear on work topics. My stress level is significantly reduced. I would be really happy if we work together again


Anja Schilken

Co-Founder Drei Kaffeebar

Yumi's years of experience in the coffee business make the coaching practice-oriented and great! Yumi really puts himself into his own situation and drives personal progress in a focused manner. Thanks!


Johannes Kompa
DJ, producer, creative director

The coaching over the past 9 months has completely transformed my life. I was at a dead end professionally and full of fears for the future - and now I feel like a different person. I am now doing what I love with a clear vision and a plan. Future is looking bright. Thank you Yumi !


Marco Checker

Founder Café Kraft - KiezKaffee 

Yumi! Thank you for the great workshop! I have a very good feeling and am now much more focused than before!

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Lukas Robitschko

Founder Groundmovement by Lukas Robitschko

The Vision into Action workshop with Yumi helped me a lot to crystallize my vision and mission for Groundmovement by Lukas Robitschko. I have a plan and clarity about what I want to achieve and why. I burn for my vision.

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Rainer Weithoff

Co-Founder Blooming Coffee

The coaching has brought us more order, more oversight and more security. We have more clarity, especially in my own view of the project. You do something, but now you can see better how the potential can be described and, as a result, also be shaped

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